Sunday, December 24, 2017

Had another few weeks of fun doing different activities in Pre-K 2. We learned about animal friends we can find in school. visited and fed the bunnies, while walking around the school saw lots of birds and butterflies and of course met our friendly turtle and the frog who visits us almost everyday at the playground..

 We painted bunny faces and made bunny masks..

Made pictures of bunnies gluing cotton balls and by coloring..

They made turtles using paper plates..

After circle time dancing while Ms. Sira is playing the Djembe.

Doing free play activities...

Sometimes, during P.E time we like to go and play at Elementary playground area..

Enjoying our new swing..

Making ornaments for our Christmas tree..

And everyone is helping to decorate the tree..


Thank you everyone for visiting our class blog!
Wishing you all a happy holidays and best wishes for year 2018!!!


Monday, November 27, 2017

Dear parents and family,
We are happy to share more pictures of Pre-K 2 class activities.

Last Weeks we talked about "My Body and body parts and did various activities. We also sang songs  "Head shoulders knees and toes", "I have ten little fingers". We continued learning number 1, colors and shapes.

Decorating my body with different objects (wool, sequences and color papers)

We measured heights of each child and learned how told they are..

Learning shapes, colors and numbers through different activities..

Taking attendance during circle time..

Free play activities..

Having fun with sand, water/bubbles and climbing during outdoor play..

Thank you and wishing you all a happy week!